Flower Ave Garden Project: Doing Work!

More progress was made on the greenhouse site. Step one was to remove the retaining rock wall from around the sides of the raised existing bed…check!


Next, start digging like you were on a chain gang…check!


The GREAT perk to this whole thing is that the soil in this raised bed is epic, full of fat worms!! I’m going to repurpose the dirt for my raised beds going up in the near future.


So thankful to have some helpers today, my dad and stepmom getting dirty =] They were a big help, but I had to crack the whip when they started slacking off…they also brought a MUCH better wheelbarrow with them as you can see here.

D and D

Next, set up irrigation for a timed watering system in the greenhouse…check-ish ( I need to finish up tomorrow


We were also able to add this raised bed. This will be the location of my edible flowers

Raised Bed

I wake up with the sun, I have MAJOR blisters, I am cray sore, I go to bed at 9pm exhausted (if I can stay up that late) and couldn’t be more excited about how things are shaping up!

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”
~Eleanor Roosevelt

2 thoughts on “Flower Ave Garden Project: Doing Work!

  1. Great job. Things are starting to take shape. Very exciting. Are you adding a compost area?

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