Flower Ave Garden Project

My mission (if I choose to accept it)…(I have)…to build a culinary garden in an urban setting with the purpose of supplying chefs in LA with specialty produce.

Step #1: Secure A Location

I was lucky enough to find a home in Venice, CA that was willing to let me design and run my culinary garden. I know it doesn’t look like much, but through the dirt lawn and futon frame I can see the potential!Image

Oh the irony of office furniture left out back…this is now my office :p


I’ve got my work cut out for me, but the before/after pics should be epic!


Step #2: Develop A Plan Of Attack

Initial measurements have been taken, as well as a (very) rudimentary draft


The last few days have found me hunkered down at a coffee shop in Venice, reviewing seed catalogues, planning out a planting and seeding schedule, as well as budget ugh. I don’t have a Mac laptop so I know I am being privately shamed by all the hipsters…but I do have an iPad so maybe that will give me a little ‘street cred’ in my hood


Step #3: Break Ground

January 3, 2013 I broke ground for the Flower Ave Garden Project. My first step is to remove the raised bed in the back to make room for the greenhouse. Since the fastest things for me to grow and bring to market will be micro greens, erecting the greenhouse is top on the ‘to-do’ list

This job is made easier by use of quality tools, like this ghetto wheelbarrow for instance


I can’t complain too much, the speed wobbles that it gets is doing wonders for my core :p

Tomorrow is a new day of digging. I made slow and steady progress, and hope to have the greenhouse up soon!! More progress pics to come.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

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